How to create a git development and production environment

What we need for this process: Local Web Server (Xampp, Wamp, Apache Server etc.) Web Server (cPanel Hosting, Manage Hosting, VPS, Cloud Server etc. Setting Up a Repository To get started, [...]


Make a Free eCommerce WordPress Website

THE BEST ECOMMERCE WORDPRESS WEBSITE TUTORIAL! Create an Amazing eCommerce WordPress Website Or Online Store! Below are some timestamps for this eCommerce WordPress Website Tutorial: 20:54 [...]


How many bugs are solved in WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 coming with lots of changes. Already 4.8 beta 1 and beta 2 released. Almost 50+ bugs are  solved in beta 2 versions. New version of WordPress already added 100+ languages too. For [...]


Add SSL on WordPress URL

Adding SSL on WordPress site is not a big deal. But sometimes it’s not possible to add SSL easily on a live site. It’s because of content, links, media and media links are non-SSL. I visited lots [...]