Step by step WordPress Shortcode 2017

How to make a WordPress Shortcode?

WordPress have a functionality that called shortcode. By using WordPress shortcode we can create a function and use it later without adding a line of PHP file. We can easily add the simple code in our content section and get our dynamic result. There are two types of major shortcode feature.

1. Self-closing Shortcode
2. Enclosing Shortcode

How to make a WordPress self-closing shortcode

Here we will learn how to make a self-closing shortcode in WordPress theme step by step. We can also use our shortcode in WordPress Must Use Plugin file. We can also use our shortcode as a plugin so that we can use that shortcode in any WordPress theme. Here I will show an example of shortcode using WordPress theme functions.php

function janealam_shortcode( $attr, $content =null){
return '<a class="facebook-button" href="">Follow me on Facebook!</a>';

Let’s test the shortcode and how it works. After adding this code in theme functions.php¬† save the file and login WordPress admin panel. Create a blank page or post and paste [my_button] on content text area publish the page or post. Open the page or post. The output of the [my_button] will show a text “Follow me on Facebook!” with a link. This self-closing WordPress shortcode used for the button, social-link also for dynamic output of a page, post or custom post types.

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