100% Working Free VestaCP File Manager Plugin 2017

Free VestaCP File Manager

Today I will show step by step how to install Free VestaCP file manager on  VestaCP Linux base control panel. Previously I created a video of this issues. But some people unable to do the exact same things on their VestaCP. Let’s follow the steps and create your own cloud server. I’m using Digital Ocean Cloud Server. It’s best for developers. I use my development server here. Here I create a droplet using Ubuntu 14.04 .5 64bit with 512MB Ram also 20GB of SSD storage.   If you don’t know what is the version of your cloud server, don’t worry about that. Just open terminal and write here “lsb_release -a” then hit enter for the result.   After checking the version go to VestaCP website and match the requirement of VestaCP and your cloud server. Let’s get ready for installing the VestaCP control panel. There are no special tricks for installing the VestaCP control panel. Just follow the instruction of VestaCP control panel and it will install automatically. After installing VestaCP control panel you will get the email of VestaCP control panel login access. Such as,   server Url: https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8083 Port (8083 for the secure purpose, you can change it any time.) user: admin pass: (Root user password )   After login, you will see a Control Panel without File Manager. Now we will learn how to install free VestaCP file Manager. Free VestaCP File Manager See there is no File Manager. Let’s try the magic code for Free VestaCP File Manager. Open Terminal and log in on your cloud server using SSH key. Open VestaCP configuration file. If you don’t know where it is, don’t worry just copy my code and paste it into your terminal   sudo nano /usr/local/vesta/conf/vesta.conf   After that hit enter you will see the configuration of VestaCP. Let’s add a line for Free VestaCP File Manager. Free VestaCP File Manager Original VestaCP Configuration.   Let’s add a line at the bottom of the file. Here is the line   FILEMANAGER_KEY=’ILOVEREO’   after that save the file and close the terminal.   Free VestCP File Manager     Now Open your browser and login VestaCP Control panel, you will see nothing change. Don’t worry it works. Go to “Server” on the top right side of your control panel. Then click on “Configure” Icon which is marked as blue color. Now check File Manager link showing the left side of your “Server” link.   Free VestaCP File Manager   You can also check out my short video on the same topic.

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