5 Best Features of Upcoming WordPress 4.7

Most popular Web Development platform WordPress update their next version shortly. The latest version will WordPress 4.7 which have lots of changes that many developers wants from a couple of years.

What’s new in Upcoming WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 still under development but the developer can use beta versions for testing and checking even contribute.

Testing WordPress 4.7 beta 3 I found lots of features that developer always expects from WordPress. Now they added those features. Here 5 best features of WordPress 4.7 that I realize.

1. Templates:

As a Web Developer, I create lots of Page Template, Custom Template even Post Template though they all are the same layout but we need to create individual files for each template or sometimes we use plugins for those templates. In WordPress 4.7 We need to create one template for all post types which are the same layout. For that, We need to create a Folder Name “Templates” after that create a PHP file any name. No need to define post type name with slug or ID. Here is the format of Page Template of WordPress 4.7

Template Name: Full-width layout
Template Post Type: post, page, product
// Your Code Here


Click Here for Video Tutorial for creating a template in WordPress 4.7


2. Customizer:

WordPress 4.7 Customizer is now faster and developer friendly. Now We can change anything from Customizer panel and see the changes instantly. Now we can add pages, posts, menus, from customized without loading customizer page.

3. Custom CSS:

WordPress 4.7 have custom CSS by default now no need to install custom CSS plugin and no need to add files in Themes. We can now add custom CSS without loading page and see the changes after save.

4. Visual Edit Shortcut:

Latest WordPress 4.7 have cool features and that is Visual edit shortcut. Using Customizer we see our page on the right side. But that page not editable and linkable to their destination. Now every sections or part are highlighted with an edit icon. We can jump them for editing by clicking the icon.

5. Menu:

The menu is the most important section of a Website. WordPress have menu section which maintains from the backend. But lots of Developer waste their important time for creating the menu item, editing menu item, and removing the menu item. Now we can save our time also we can create, edit, and delete menu item easily. No need to Open menu item then edit, remove or add extra features on a single menu. Now we can do various task using one or two click.

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