Best Theme and Packages for Atom Code Editor 2017

Themes and Packages for Atom

Atom is a Code Editor that comes with open source license. Now Developer’s first choice of Code Editor is Atom. We can edit and change each and every option of this code editor as we want.

Best Theme for Atom:

For the very first time, Code Editor comes with two themes. One for UI Theme and another for Syntax theme. So that we can use a different theme for Main Application and code syntax.

We know Material UI design is the latest and high demand style for Web, Apps, and other applications. Atom Code Editor also have that Theme.

Packages for Atom, code editor, jane alam

UI Theme:

  1. Atom Material
  2. Material

Syntax Theme:

  1. Atom Material
  2. Atom Material Light
  3. Material
  4. Github Atom Light

Packages for Web Developer:

  1. Remote FTP
  2. Atom Beautify
  3. Auto Close HTML
  4. Color Picker
  5. Highlight Line
  6. Highlight Selected
  7. Linter
  8. Flow Plus Linter
  9. HTML Linter
  10. WordPress API
  11. AutoComplete CSS
  12. AutoComplete HTML
  13. Bracket Matcher

These packages save your time and give you error free code when developing a project.


Atom also great for Raw PHP and debug PHP with console like other heavy editors can. For great performance and code snippets, you have to update Atom’s packages and themes. So that your code and code snippets will always up to date. Atom also a great editor for git users too. There are lots of git and git snippets packages, using those packages git users easily handle their code, commit, push also compare the files and code that added or deleted by other git users.

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